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Audition Requirements

Prospective piano performance majors will perform an audition or mail in a CD/DVD of min. 30 minutes of length (min. 45 for graduate level) with repertoire from at least three of the four styles, comparable in composition and difficulty to the following examples (original compositions):

  • Baroque: a Prelude & Fugue, a Suite or an other work by J.S. Bach (not a transcription),  a sonata by Scarlatti
  • Classic: a Sonata, Fantasy, Variations, or Rondo by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, or Schubert
  • Romantic: a Song without Words by Mendelsson, a Ballade, Scherzo, or Sonata by Chopin, a Nachtstück or larger cyclical piece by Schumann, a piece from the Années de Pèlerinage or any etude by Liszt, an Intermezzo, Variations, or Sonata by Brahms.
  • Modern: a Sonata by Prokofiev, a Klavierstück by Schönberg, a Prelude & Fugue by Shostakovitch, 4:33 by Cage
Proficiency in basic music history, theory, and literature is expected.